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 Principal: Catherine Deschambault
Vice Principal: Diana MacFarlane
Office Administrator: Donna Atkinson
Chief Custodian: Vacant

Getting ready for September? Please follow the link below for the recommended list of school supplies.

The Broadview PS office closes for the summer at the end of day on Friday, June 27th. Most secondary school offices are open over the summer months - check the school website for specific dates/availability. The OCBSD central office is open all summer long, except for a two week shut-down which runs from July 28th to August 8th. Our administration offices will re-open on August 11, 2014. However, there will be staff available for registration throughout the summer - if you know someone who wants to register a child for September, please have them call our Admissions Division at 613-596-8730.

Attendance Line: 613-728-6626



Transportation (OSTA)