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Principal: Catherine Deschambault
Vice Principal: Diana MacFarlane
Office Administrator: Donna Atkinson
Chief Custodian: Christian Dumouchel

  Attendance Line: 613-728-6626

 Check out the new “Parents Resourses” section!

M Cayen has prepared a new section on our website.

You will find valuable information on how to help support your child as well as links to powerpoint presentations  he has developed to support teachers. 


The City of Ottawa's Planning Committee has recommended the designation of the tower portion of the existing Broadview Public School.  This matter will be considered by full Ottawa City Council in March. We plan to move forward with the rebuilding of Broadview Public School. It is not the OCDSB's intent to use this tower space for students. The Ministry has confirmed that, as long as the tower portion of the existing building is not used permanently or temporarily for the accommodation of pupils, the funding we received is secure. Should the designation of the building be approved by City Council, we will work with the City to see if there is a compatible use that can be found for this building.






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